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There are three types of Wow  gamers in my opinion; the casual gamer, the hardcore raider, and the hardcore pvp’er.  I’ve been all three at one point and time or another and as such I’ve spent literally hundreds of dollars on Wow guides many of which are either total garbage or don’t deliver on their promises.  For this reason I thought I’d show you the #1 Warlock pvp guide on the market.

Warcraft Conquest is without a doubt the only Warlock pvp guide I’d recommend to you.  This totally brand new guide is from none other than Tony Sanders (the man behind Pvp Bible) but this time he’s got other Gladiators on board and he’s delivering the content in video format in addition to pdf’s.  He also covers everything from making more gold to dominating pvp no mattter yoru class. It’s not just about warlock pvp.

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Warlock Pvp Domination!

Warlocks are insanely powerful in Pvp, especially when it comes to arenas, and with good cause.  Anyone who has ever fought a warlock knows they are disgustingly powerful thanks to their ability to dot you and fear spam.  If somehow you manage to bust fear then they have already made their escape.

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This all makes them a horrible opponent but a truly awesome class to play.  However, the problem is while warlocks are incredibly effective when played by players who know the ins and outs, they are also one of the easiest classes to beat when the person at the controls is a noob.  Any skilled player is going to beat a warlock IF the lock doesn’t know what their doing.

The Key to Warlock Pvp

Warlock Pvp really comes down to some simple techniques.  If you can get in, load up your dots, and get your fears off then you are in a good spot to win the battle.  Warlocks can also drain their enemies mana pools while replenishing their own which makes them especially awesome against healers.  Just be careful you don’t try to go head to head with a priest who will mana burn every last drop of your mana before you put a dent in theirs.

Remember, not only can a Warlock regen their mana pool but also their health as well as the health of their pet.  Again, this makes warlocks almost indestructible when played by a skilled pvper.

So, the reality is a warlock is going to dominate pvp 90% of the time if they know how Warlock pvp should be handled whereas a new Warlock or someone who isn’t quite as skilled is probably going to lose 90% of the time.  There is little room for error when it comes to Warlock Pvp.

Some of the players you face or going to know how to combat you draining their mana, how to dispel your curses, and even resist your fears.  However, with the right knowledge you will understand exactly how to overcome these defenses but to discover that kind of information you are probably going to need to use a Warlock Pvp guide.

How Can A Warlock Pvp Guide Help You?

Warlock Pvp guides are almost essential to you knowing how to properly play your class in pvp.  Unlike other classes it takes a bit more than facerolling across yoru keyboard to bring out this class’ true potential.

Without the righ strategies before hand you have almost no chance at winning against even semi-decent competitors.  Instead, you’ll just get pwned and have to take people pointing and ROFL at you in the arenas and battlegrounds.

A good Warlock pvp guide can actually give you insights into what actions your opponents are going to take before they take them thus giving you the opportunity to not only avoid their incoming attack but to unload sick amounts of dps on them in the process.

Although no battle plan survives every contact having a preset set of strategies will greatly improve your performance in pvp.  In my own case I was terrible as a Warlock in pvp until I got my hands on a solid Warlock Pvp guide.

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Warlock Pvp Guide

Which Warlock Pvp Guide Helped Me Crack 2K?

Are you tired of suffering loss and loss as a Warlock in Pvp?  Do you spend more time getting pwnt than you do winning?  Of course you do or you wouldn’t be looking for a warlock pvp guide right?

I know exactly how you feel because I used to be in your same shoes but then I found a great Warlock Pvp guide that changed everything.

I’ve been playing Wow for more than five years and I used to be terribad at Pvp.  In fact I was so bad that during Season 1 I was proud when I was able to hit the 1575 mark.  Yeah I know, don’t laugh at me.   You are probably already way better than I was but even so you are looking for a Warlock Pvp guide.

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Ok, so now remember that I’ve been playing Wow for almost five full years and in that time I’ve gotten my hands on several different Warlock Pvp guides but not a one lived up to their promises..not until I came across this one that is.

What’s the Problem?

You see, at the root of the problem lies the fact that Pvp is always changing.  Its encounters are dynamic rather than static like Pve.  This means that a guide can’t simply say do a, b, and c and you’ll win.  No, it has to dive deep into the strategies and archetypes that make up different arena teams and classes.

This is where most guides fall short because the writers don’t actually play Wow so there is no way they can get that detailed with it.  It would be about like me trying to write about how to perform brain surgery.  Sure, I could research it but it would never be as good as the surgeon themselves.

What Happened?

Well, after pissing away a few hundred bucks on every worthless Warlock Pvp guide I could find I finally found Pvp Bible by Tony Sanders.  Tony was an actual gamer himself so he has a way of explaining things that makes perfect sense.  Inside Pvp Bible he covers it all including all 81 possible duel matchups, arena strategies, different team archetypes, talent specs, gear, and the list goes on.  The one thing that Tony doesn’t have which sucks is videos.  Other than that I was really impressed with his guide.

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Warlock Pvp GuideSo, back to my story.  I told you that after season 1 I was a lousy 1500′s rating.  When season 2 started I bought the Pvp Bible and studied not only what I was supposed to do but what my 2′s and 3′s partners were supposed to do also.  By the end of season 2 my 2v2 rating was over 2k and my 3v3 was 2067.  I didn’t have a 5′s team due to scheduling issues.  (Can’t ever get ppl on at the same time…)

You see, winning at Pvp is simply a matter of knowing what your opponent is going to do before they do it and then you can inflict as much punishment as you want.  Its really that easy.


So if you actually read this whole post I’m sure you know by now that I feel great about being able to recommend the Pvp Bible to you.  Remember, this guide is not just a Warlock Pvp guide but a total guide covering all classes in Wow including Death Knights.  You will have both your strategy laid out for you as well as your opponents most likely strategy so you can start dominating the arena, however if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied Tony offers an 8 weeks money back guarantee.

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A New Warlock Pvp Guide?

Why are you looking for a Warlock pvp guide?  Do you suck at Wow?  Do you suck at Pvp?  Do you suck at making gold?  How about leveling an alt? Do you suck at that?  If you do then I’ve got just the thing for you.  Recently as I was scanning through the plethora of new Wow guides hitting the market I stumbled across one that caught my eye.

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Now, I have never heard of Amy herself so at first I wasn’t really all that sure why I should listen to anything she had to say but then I noticed that Tony “Tdub” Sanders himself was giving this gal his endorsement.  That seemed pretty impressive to me considering that in a round-about sort of way she is a competitor with Tony.  Tony authors several Wow guides, his most popular being Pvp Bible.  According to Amy, Warcraft  Blueprint covers every aspect of Wow including pvp, pve, how to make tons of gold, how to level as fast as possible, etc etc.  Basically she has made the claim that once you purchase her guide you’ll never have to buy another Wow guide.  She is able to do so because you are entitled to free lifetime updates once you purchase the guide.  That means that every time a new patch hits or a new expansion you will automatically get the new version of Warcraft Blueprint free!

So, if you are one of the many players out there struggling in pvp, struggling to make gold, struggling to level an alt, or just want to gain that edge over your fellow gamers then Warcraft Blueprint could be for you.  At the very least if you are curious about it you might want to check it out.  Amy seems pretty cocky about the guide offering a 60 day Triple guarantee when you try it out.

So, be sure to check out Amy Johnson’s “Tdub” approved Warcraft Blueprint and do me a favor and post your comments/experience with the guide back here on the site for others to see!  And as always thanks for stopping by my Warlock pvp guide.

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Warlock Arena Strategy

Up until this point I’ve given you all the basics that you need to dominate Warlock Pvp but today I wanted to hook you up with some more specific strategies that should help you take down any other class you might face.  These styles are the same ones that have allowed me to snatch my arena shoulders the last 3 seasons in a row.

Warlock vs. Death Knights

Now, I’m going to be honest here, death knights are one class that will give you as much if not more trouble than any other.  If the person playing the DK really knows what they are doing your chances of winning are going to be small.

That’s not to say you can’t win the majority of matches but its just not going to be a walk in the park.  You’re going to have to play smart and follow a set strategy almost to the “T.”

At the start of the match you are going to want to follow the same strategy you would against any melee class i.e dots and kiting.  If you are not comfortable kiting your opponents yet, this is something you need to get familiar with straight away because it is a key component of warlock pvp.  A key difference you need to keep in mind is that Death Knights, unlike other classes, can deathgrip you and it sets on a measly 25 second cooldown so expect to get sucked back in a lot.

A lot of warlocks make the mistake of trying to dps down the dk pets but this is unproductive.  Even if you do manage to kill it, they are just going to summon another one.  If you get a chance to throw a dot or two on it that’s fine as it will cause added pressure to the healer but just make sure you don’t focus too heavily on it.  When you get deathgripped your first reaction is going to be to turn and try to run but chances are you are going to have slowing effects on you and this is fruitless.  You need to get a fear or deathcoil off to create some space before attempting to run away.  Make sure when you do get away to get out of LOS or you are just going to get deathgripped again.  You are going to find that LOS plays a major role in warlock pvp no matter your opponent.

Now, you should have range on your opponent at range now meaning its time for you to unload some dps on them.  Get an immolate up followed by an incinerates.  Also take the opportunity to renew your dots if you haven’t already.  Now, remember that death knights are an OP bunch with a whole slew of different ways to silence you.  The key is not to get pissed off, tougher done than said I know.  (so does about a dozen broken keyboards :D )  Just use your fears and death coils as much as possible and remember that you can always teleport if you get into trouble; assuming you aren’t silenced.

If you heed the above advice when it comes to Warlock Pvp then you should do just fine against death knights; however if you would like a more advanced pvp tutorial click here.

Warlock Pvp Specs – Destruction

So in the last part of my warlock pvp guide I went over the warlock spec called affliction. Today I wanted to go over the standard warlock pvp destruction build that I along with most other warlocks use in the arena. This spec can be used in battlegrounds, 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 but I prefer to use affliction in 2s. If you can find a good healer to pair up with battlegrounds are a ton of fun destro other wise affliction is a bit safer.

If you are going to play a destro lock in the arena you must know how to burst your enemies down and get out of LOS when necessary. If you try to stand in the open and just spam spells you WILL die. So, my warlock pvp destro build is as follows:

Affliction (3)

  • Suppression 3/3

Demonology (17)

  • Demonic Embrace 3/3
  • Fel Synergy 2/2
  • Improved Health Funnel 2/2
  • Fel Vitality 3/3
  • Soul Link 1/1
  • Fel Domination 1/1
  • Demonic Aegis 3/3
  • Master Summoner 2/2

Destruction (51)

  • Bane 5/5
  • Aftermath 2/2
  • Molten Skin 3/3
  • Shadowburn 1/1
  • Ruin 5/5
  • Intensity 2/2
  • Destructive Reach 2/2
  • Backlash 3/3
  • Improved Immolate 3/3
  • Devastation 1/1
  • Nether Protection 3/3
  • Emberstorm 5/5
  • Conflagrate 1/1
  • Shadow and Flame 5/5
  • Backdraft 3/3
  • Shadowfury 1/1
  • Fire and Brimstone 5/5
  • Chaos Bolt 1/1

This is the basic warlock pvp build for destro locks.  You can play with a few of the talents just like in affliction.  For example, if you have plenty of hit already you might drop the 3 points in affliction and instead stick them in Soul Leech which gives a nice healing bones.  You can also place them in Improved Succubus if you like to use your Succy a lot but I prefer a fel hunter.  This build allowed me to break the 2200 mark in 3v3 and is the recommended build for 5s as well although I do not play 5s on a regular basis.

Warlock Glyphs

If you are going to play a warlock pvp build such as destro then you need to have the right glyphs.  For this warlock pvp spec to be most effective I recommend 3 Major Glyphs:

  1. Glyph of Conflagrate
  2. Glyph of Immolate
  3. Glyph of Incinereate

Your minor glyphs really don’t matter so you can choose whatever you fancy.  I hope you found this section of my warlock pvp guide helpful but remember if you need more advanced tips and strategies I recommend Pvp Bible.  This is not actually a Warlock Pvp guide but instead its a full scale membership site with access to real Pros to answer your questions.

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Warlock Pvp Specs – Affliction

Perhaps the most important part of warlock pvp is what spec you choose to use. In my experience there is not one single spec that is universally good for all pvp situations but I will try to outline a few in this warlock pvp guide.

The first spec I want to go over with you is a deep affliction spec. This spec is mainly useful in battlegrounds and 2v2 matches although depending on your team comp you can sometimes pull it off in 3v3 as well. The affliction spec varies a bit between locks but mainly its a matter of whether you opt for improved curse of agony and suppression or not. The following is the warlock pvp spec that I use:

Affliction (54)

  • Improved Curse of Agony 2/2
  • Suppression 1/3
  • Improved Corruption 5/5
  • Improved Life tap 2/2
  • Soul Siphon 2/2
  • Improved Fear 2/2
  • Fel Concentration 3/3
  • Amplify Curse 1/1
  • Grim Reach 2/2
  • Nightfall 2/2
  • Empowered Corruption 3/3
  • Shadow Embrace 1/5
  • Siphon Life 1/1
  • Curse of Exhaustion 1/1
  • Shadow Mastery 5/5
  • Eradication 3/3
  • Contagion 5/5
  • Improved Howl of Terror 2/2
  • Malediction 3/3
  • Unstable Affliction 1/1
  • Pandemic 1/1
  • Everlasting 5/5
  • Haunt 1/1

Demonology (17)

  • Demonic Embrace 3/3
  • Fel Synergy 2/2
  • Improved Health Funnel 2/2
  • Fel Vitality 3/3
  • Soul Link 1/1
  • Fel Domination 1/1
  • Demonic Aegis 3/3
  • Master Summoner 2/2

The big thing to remember about this warlock pvp spec is that you can tweak it a little here and there to meet your style of play.  For example, I stopped using improved health funnel when I found an INSANELY good healer who could keep my pet up without it.  That allowed me to get bigger health stones instead which is nice in a pinch.

Affliction Warlock Glyphs

  1. Glyph of Howl of Terror
  2. Glyph of Quick Decay
  3. Glyph of Corruption

Remember, this is only a basic warlock pvp guide so if you feel you need more help I recommend you Click Here.

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